​​​​​​​​​Promote the gift of loveWhy do people really buy life insurance? For most it comes down to love. They love someone and want to make sure their family or loved ones wouldn’t suffer financially in the event of premature death.Life insurance is LOVE insurance, which makes February – the month of love- the perfect time to reach out to customers about their life insurance needs.Know the facts* 55% of Americans would feel loved on Valentine’s Day if their significant other purchased a life insurance policy naming them the beneficiary Three in four Americans would give up Valentine’s Day in exchange for greater financial piece of mind 83% of American’s polled believe that purchasing life insurance is a way to express their love for their familyDespite these findings, ownership of life insurance is at a 50-year low according to LIMRA. 44% of U.S. households have individual life insurance 30% of households have no life insurance coverage at all Two in three adults think life insurance is too expensive, but they overestimate its true cost by more than 2x. Want more facts? Download ​​​LIMRA’s Barometer Study​. Start the conversation Log into our agent website to access a variety of sales tools provided by Life Happens to help you talk to your prospects, customers, and people in your community about their life insurance needs. *https://www.lifehappens.org/press-releases/many-believe-buying-life-insurance-is-a-way-to-express-their-love-but-still-arent-buying-coverage/